Jay A. Kelley


"I love this job!"  That is Jay's statement most days when he walks into work. He started DreamWelder back in 2000 because he loved working in the medium.  Now 14 years later, and having worked in the industry for over 30 years, Jay brings a wealth of knowlege to every project.  Jay does not run DreamWelder on volume business, he likes a personal relationship with each of his clients.  "I love to shoot, so the idea of having a huge team of people doing the work I want to do does not appeal to me.  I prefer to be in it myself.  I bring on those I need for any given project."  This desire has resulted in a lot of impressive work, and happy clients.


Matthew Scott

Vice President

Matthew is a genius.  Trained from the ground up, and one of the most knowlegeable people on set.  Matthew started out as a professional musician and toured all over Europe.  When he moved into motion pictures, his knowlege of music drew him to focus on the audio side of production.  He has an ear for perfection, and uses one of the finest audio mixers made, the Aaton Cantar X2.  Matthew also heads up a lot of DreamWelder's music video productions.  A native of Chicago, Matthew never lets go of anything until it's perfect.